Plastic Business Card


Plastic Gift CardPlastic Gift cards are the key to not only promoting your business, but instilling future customers. As one of the leading manufacturers of plastic gift cards, The Plastic Card Factory has created gift cards for top names like Target and Domino’s Pizza. All of our plastic cards are complemented with an unmistakable crispness and detail. Add a unique texture (such as frosted) or highly appealing graphics created by our artists or yours, and your customers will truly see your card as a great gift.

Since our cards are engineered with state of the art digital equipment, you can be sure that your cards will last as long as needed. In addition, our bar-coding/magnetic stripe and personalized naming options are fully customizable to meet any specific needs. Your gift card can also be ordered in combination with the convenient key card, a smaller version of your gift card that can be easily attached to a key chain or wallet.