Plastic Business Card


Hotel Key CardsReliability is a necessity for key access cards that serve such a vital role in your business. At The Plastic Card Factory, you can customize your card’s magnetic stripe or bar-coding options to serve your special needs, or allow our specialists to advise you, as well as address your graphic needs. Your key access cards will always retain the pristine quality in graphics, text and colors that you choose to represent your company.

Key access cards may serve an extra purpose in advertising. Since each key card is viewed an average of 5-7 times daily, the potential results of this type of marketing are considerable. You may wish to draw your guests to your store or restaurant- with the right ad from The Plastic Card Factory, your profits will almost certainly be multiplied.

Instructions on using the card, usually located on the back of the card, can be quite helpful to new guests. At The Plastic Card Factory, several well-designed instructions for commonly used electronic locking systems are available for your use. Our technicians will answer any related questions and/or work with your own set of key access instructions.

Cards manufactured at The Factory are always 100% water-proof and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. We can reproduce any existing card and also archive all of our projects so that we can quickly reproduce your card for you at any time, should a card go missing. This convenience, along with our competitive pricing, makes The Plastic Card Factory the perfect solution for the growing hotel business.